Love Cures All

Romance is the fruit of life. It nourishes, revitalizes and strengthens our souls with joy and happiness. ~ Analiesa Adams

Writing is a joy that transcends all others...except true love. You will see I am a romantic at heart. True love cures all, some have found it, others are still searching. Join me in my adventures to see where they might take you... You can find my works at

Sunday, July 12, 2015

I've just come back from a wonderful mini vacation here in Washington called the River Rock Inn . The breathtaking landscape relaxed my soul as I relaxed on my personal deck. I felt a certain kinship nourished by the friendship and encouragement from the inn keepers refresh my need to write again. The conversations I had with them, and the new and exciting people I met at breakfast stirred new stories to come spilling forth into my already full basket of topics to choose from for my next book.  This place will be a hotspot for sure in one of my next books.....I just have to figure out which one.

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