Love Cures All

Romance is the fruit of life. It nourishes, revitalizes and strengthens our souls with joy and happiness. ~ Analiesa Adams

Writing is a joy that transcends all others...except true love. You will see I am a romantic at heart. True love cures all, some have found it, others are still searching. Join me in my adventures to see where they might take you... You can find my works at

Sunday, July 12, 2015

One of my favorite things to do is to go someplace I've never been before. When I find that special place, I make plans to go as soon as possible. Bed and breakfasts are my favorite place to go. But it could be a restaurant, or a park, as long as it is someplace unusual, at least to my everyday goings on.

I plan on bringing you with me to visit these places, meet some interesting people, and maybe entice you to come see for yourself how special these places and people can be to you too.

In every one of my books, you will discover a new place or setting that isn't fictional, tied up into a story that begs to be told. I'll tell you about them here in my blog, so you can see if you can find them in my stories. Come find out where I might take you next....

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